Circle time Planning

Session 1

Time – 90 mins

Objective:  to reconnect with children after summer vacations

Things to be collected: pictures of teacher’s trip

Trigger and Middle Phase (70 mins): + 10 mins sitting down in circle

(First 15 students will be taken in the first part of the session and second 15 students in second part of session.)

Teacher will welcome students to the class and tell them to sit in the circle. Then the teacher will start the ppt after giving a brief introduction about her own trip.

Then the teacher will tell her personal experience (she can share her/his) funniest or embarrassing moment of the trip and the same will be asked from the students one by one.

Celebrations:  (5-10 mins)                          

  • Which narrative you enjoyed the most or felt that you were part of that experience or wanted to be at that place?

Session 2

Time: 50 mins

Objective:  Each experience is valuable. (Part 1)

Trigger:  The teacher will keep in middle the pictures and objects of different places. Then she will ask them to pick up any one picture or an object of their choice. Then the teacher will ask each student that “how do they associate themselves with that picture or object?”

 (Students may or may not be able to relate the picture or an object with their experience of the   vacations)

Middle phase: The teacher will model themselves about the destination they want to visit and share about two things that will help you to go and two things that may not help.

Give them a half sheet of paper and tell them to write any four destinations they want to visit. Then she will ask to select any one place which they want to visit in the next vacation and write about any two things that will help their dream come true and two things that will not. Now each child will share their written part.

Closure:  the teacher will ask them to submit the piece of paper and write their name on it.  The teacher will keep them with her and use them next day.


  • Who according to you described their picture in the best possible manner?
  • Who picked the picture/object you associated the person with?

Session 3

Time:  50 mins

Objective: Each experience is valuable.

Trigger: the teacher will return the chits to the students and ask them to share what they have written.

Middle Phase:  After sharing the teacher will ask the following questions:

  1. What is the holiday?
  2. What does holidays mean to you?
  3. Are holidays and vacations same or not? Explain with reason.
  4. Why don’t we call weekend as vacation?

After this discussion, the teacher will tell students to group up according to the places they went. For example, students those who went to mountains form a group, same goes with beaches, overseas, dessert, camps and to those who were at home. Even the teachers can be divided according to their vacations. Now the teacher will ask the following questions:

  1. If we don’t travel anywhere, then does the holiday become a waste?
  2. Is it important to go on a trip during the vacations every year?
  3. Is travelling the only thing which we can do during vacations?


  1. Is the destination important or the experience?


  • Who made the most of his/her holiday?
  • Who was listening with appreciation?